OCEAN Salt E-Liquid 30ml

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size: 1.50 W × 4.50 H × 1.50 L

Introducing a great innovator in the salt e-liquid market, OCEAN Salt E-Liquid has came out with 7 great flavors. You can choose either 25mg or 40mg in a 30ml bottle. This liquid is great for the JUUL, Von Erl, MyJET, or anything that does NOT have a sub ohm coil. We highly suggest OCEAN for any ultra portable device user. 

The flavors consists of:

Mixed Berry- Strawberry and Blueberry

Cool Mint- Special Menthol Recipe

Mango- Fresh Mango

Water Dragon- Watermelon and Dragonfruit

Tobacco- RY4

Just Baked- Sugar Cookie

Unflavored- Great if you are looking for a flavor that has no smell

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