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Eleaf - iCare Mini

Brand: Eleaf
size: 3.50 W × 5.00 H × 1.50 L

The I-Care Mini is a brand new ultra portable device that has really developed a name recently because of the salt e-liquids. The size of the device is so small, it is perfect for being out and about without carrying much weight around. It takes up less space in your pocket than the smallest cell phone. Do not under estimate the little guy for it has as much fire power as an AIO. The device comes with an additional battery/charger pack that has a capacity of 2300mAh. When your I-Care needs more battery life, you can connect it the battery pack which will then charge it while still being able to use the I-Care. The magnets on the I-Care make it very easy to snap in the device to the battery pack. The I-Care is a auto drawing system that has no button. You simply inhale from the device and you will receive strong vapor. The I-Care runs off of a 1.1ohm atomizer and has a max output of 15watts. The battery in the device, has a battery span of 320mAh. The I-Care is charged off of a micro USB cable that you connect to the bottom of the device. The I-Care can hold up to 1.3ml of any e-liquid. It’s a great starter device to have that has lowest maintenance. The combination of stealth, easy to use, and a great price makes this a must have for any level of vapor users. Check out our salt e-liquids to use with this device. The salt e-liquids are used in devices like the JUUL, Von Earl, and MyJet. The I-Care will be a less expensive alternative to those products because you do not have to buy the pre-filled pods and you will be buying your salt e-liquid separately for a less expensive price.

NOTE: Use special caution when working with Li-ion cells, they are very sensitive to charging characteristics and may explode or burn if mishandled. Make sure the user has enough knowledge of Li-Ion rechargeable batteries in charging, discharging and assembly before use. Always charge in/on a fire-proof surface. Never leave charging batteries unattended. We are not responsible for damage if there is any modification of the batteries/chargers in any form or shape (including pack making). We are not responsible for any damage caused by misuse or mishandling of Li-Ion batteries and chargers. Please have a basic understanding of the batteries you are using and how to care for them properly.

AustinVapor.com is not applicable to claims related in injury, damage, defect, permanent or temporary that may be the result in unadvisable use of Li-on, LiPo and any rechargeable battery/batteries. You are liable to be educated about the batteries you use and how to operate them correctly.

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